• Daniel Libeskind


Shaping identities, preserving memories

September 4 - 4:30 pm
Pescara, Aurum Ideas Factory

Collective memory is an intangible asset and a fundamental dimension of common living, with a great communicative value. It shapes ideas and builds identities, generating concrete and real effects on the lives of citizens. Through the projects and visions of one of the most innovative contemporary architects, we will reflect on how the narrative power of space - and the experiences that take place there - can give an invisible force of identity a tangible form and value; thus producing a social wealth.



  • Daniel Libeskind


    Daniel Libeskind is without a doubt one of the most visionary contemporary architects, author of the most emblematic reconstruction intervention of the last decade: the Ground Zero Master Plan in New York, a symbol of the rebirth of the United States after 9/11. Driven by a profound passion for music, philosophy, literature and poetry, Daniel Libeskind is well-known and acclaimed for his unique architecture style; capable of embodying cultural memory in the buildings he designs. In 1989, he started a decade-long project for the construction of the Jewish Museum in Berlin, followed by an impressive series of projects all over the world, including the Alexanderplatz plan in Berlin, the Creative Media Centre in Hong Kong and the Libeskind Tower, still under construction in Milano. His ideas have deeply influenced the vision of contemporary architecture and the identity growth of contemporary cities.


  • Andrea Bignami


    Andrea Bignami author and tv host at SkyTg24 Economy, “business & economic reporter”, reporting the most important international economical news, among them the World Economic Forum in Davos and the Brexit.

  • Tetsuro Akanegakubo


    Correspondent in Italy for many Japanese newspapers, including Nikkei: the most sold newspaper in the world, with its 5 million copies a day.