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Artificial intelligence... unplugged

Between the truth, myths and values: the final frontier

25 July 2024
Pescara, Aurum - Ideas Factory 

OPBF 2024 aims to deepen understanding of AI's role and ethical implications in contemporary society, featuring insights from two distinguished speakers. Stephanie Dinkins, a transdisciplinary artist, will address AI's influence on societal values and advocate for inclusive technological progress. Alejandro Tauber, editor-in-chief of EUobserver, will take a hard look at the hype and claims around the opportunities the latest generation of AI models offer, within the EU and media context.


  • Alejandro Tauber

    Editor-in-chief and publisher at EUobserver

    Alejandro Tauber is the editor-in-chief and publisher of EUobserver, Brussels' leading non-profit news publisher on EU affairs. He has held various senior roles in numerous publications and has a keen interest in technology and society. Notably, he founded the Dutch branch of Motherboard, the science and tech vertical of the youth media platform VICE, and served as the publisher of TNW - The Next Web.

  • Stephanie Dinkins

    Transdisciplinary artist

    Based in Brooklyn, New York, Stephanie Dinkins is a transdisciplinary artist exploring the intersection of emerging technologies with race, gender, and ageing. She is best known for her project "Conversations with Bina48", a series of dialogues with BINA48, the first social, artificially intelligent humanoid robot designed to look like a black woman. Dinkins is a professor of art at Stony Brook University, where she founded the Future Histories Studio.


  • Andrew Spannaus

    Journalist and analyst of American politics

    Chairman of the Foreign Press Association - Northern Italy Section, the association for foreign journalists in Northern Italy, Andrew Spannaus is a journalist and analyst of American politics. He teaches at the Graduate School of Economics and International Relations at the Catholic University of Milan and hosts the Radio 24 podcast “That’s America - Behind the Scenes of the United States”.