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managing the real news conflict

July 6 - 5.30 pm
Pescara, Aurum - Ideas Factory 

The Oscar Pomilio Blumm Forum 2023 focused on the problem of disinformation in the modern digital communication landscape. The floor was given to three key speakers David McCandless, data journalist and information designer, Walter Quattrociocchi, a scholar and the head of the Center of Data Science and Complexity for Society (CDCS) from La Sapienza University in Rome, and Miguel Maduro, Chair of the European Digital Media Observatory (EDMO). All three experts delivered comprehensive and engaging speeches casting different perspectives on the problem of disinformation.


  • David McCandless

    Data journalist and information designer

    Founder of “Information is Beautiful”, David McCandless is focused on exploring hidden connections within data and using visual tools to tell stories and reveal new perspectives. McCandless has authored three bestselling infographics books, including "Information is Beautiful" and "Knowledge is Beautiful," in which he theorizes that visually engaging presentations can help people better understand the world around them. His information design work has appeared in numerous publications, including The Guardian, Wired, and Die Zeit, and has also been showcased at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the Wellcome Trust gallery in London, and the Tate Britain.

  • Miguel Maduro

    Academic, politician, and legal expert

    Miguel Poiares Maduro is the Chair of the Executive Board of the European Digital Media Observatory (EDMO) and Dean of the Catolica Global School of Law. He has held several notable positions throughout his career, including Advocate General at the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg, Minister for Regional Development in the XIX Constitutional Government of Portugal, and professor at the School of Transnational Governance, European University Institute (EUI). His experience in academia and his involvement in governance and media-related initiatives showcase his multidimensional expertise and commitment to advancing legal and societal frameworks.

  • Walter Quattrociocchi

    Data scientist and professor

    Walter Quattrociocchi is head of the Center of Data Science and Complexity for Society (CDCS) at La Sapienza University of Rome, where he is Associate Professor in Computer Science. He conducts groundbreaking research on how information and narratives spread in online environments (with particular reference to misinformation and fake news) and influence public opinion. He has more than 50 scientific publications to his credit in international conferences and journals, including ACM Transactions on The Web and Nature Scientific Reports.


  • Eva-Kristin Urestad Pedersen

    Journalist and researcher

    Eva-Kristin Urestad Pedersen is a Norwegian journalist based in Rome, and expert researcher in the field of cybersecurity and digital governance. Regular contributor to relevant Norway and international media, such as Samfunnsviteren, Bistandsaktuelt, Internazionale, Pedersen's work focuses on European and international affairs, social and political developments, and the impact of emerging technologies on society. She has had a long experience as an officer for ONGs and institutions such as UN-WFP World Food Programme, NORDEM Norwegian Resource Bank for Democracy and Human Rights, and the Carter Center.