• Alessandra Mammì

  • Antonio Boschini

  • Spyros Galinos

  • Kristina Persson

The revolution of happiness

Designing the future: the new ethical agreement between citizens and institutions

March 8, 2016 3:00 PM, Pescara Aurum Fabbrica delle idee

Happiness as a collective value, supported by the prevailing model of sharing, inspires more and more possible visions of the future, new economic models and innovative social policies. At its core, the idea of a new ethical agreement between citizens and institutions, aimed to guarantee the moral well-being of the community through the construction, the reception, the integration and the virtuous evolution of human co-existence.




Oscar Pomilio Forum Award

  • Happiness is reception

    The mayor of Lesvos, Spyros Galinos, talks at the Oscar Pomilio Blumm Forum on the theme of reception and solidarity between the peoples, with regard to the immigration emergency and the dramatic waves of landings on the island. He also appeals to the consciences of us all, so that “Europe succeeds in finding its long-lost identity and goes back to being Europe”.

Lectio Magistralis

  • The Happiness of good governance

    At the Oscar Pomilio Blumm Forum 2016 the Swedish minister of the future Kristina Persson talks about her commitment in realizing a good governance aimed at collective happiness, able to combine economic growth, green sustainability and inclusive social development.


  • The therapy of happiness

    Antonio Boschini talks about happiness of little things, that stems from suffering and pain, through his experience as therapeutic supervisor of San Patrignano, the world's biggest rehab community.

  • Art as collective happiness

    On the Oscar Pomilio Blumm Forum stage to talk about her experience as a judge and art critic for the new SkyArteHD and Pomilio Blumm TV format, the journalist Alessandra Mammì reflects on the docu-reality and on the social value of art.

  • The pursuit of happiness

    How many dimensions does the word “happiness” have? Franco Pomilio, CEO of  Pomilio Blumm, introduces the Forum's main theme and examines the multiple meanings of this word, in order to return its revolutionary potential.


  • Alessandra Mammì

    Journalist and art historian

    One of the most influential journalists of L’Espresso publishing group. With Maestro Michelangelo Pistoletto and Gianfranco Marianiello, director of the prestigious MART, museum of modern and contemporary art of Rovereto, she is member of the jury of the Pomilio Blumm Prize, the new upcoming format produced by SkyArteHD.


  • Antonio Boschini

    Chief of San Patrignano hospital

    Therapeutic program supervisor and coordinator and chief of San Patrignano Hospital, where he keeps implementing innovative methods for addiction rehabilitation. Specialist in infectious diseases, he is author of several publications on the biological mechanisms of Hiv infections. 

  • Spyros Galinos

    Mayor of Lesvos

    Mayor of Lesvos, the island nominated for the Nobel Prize for “the humanitarian aid to migrants”. Former secretary general of the Independent Greeks party, he has a significant political-administrative experience.

  • Kristina Persson

    The first Minister of the Future in the world

    Member of the Swedish Government, she is Minister for Strategic Development and Minister for Nordic Cooperation, at the frontline for creating the Baltic sea macro-region. She founded the independent think tank Global Challenge.


  • Luca De Biase

    Nova 24- Il Sole 24 Ore editor

    Journalist and writer, editor and founder of “Nova 24”, supplement on technology and innovation of Il Sole 24 Ore. University professor, he is member of several committees on new media, digital agenda, big data.