• Guglielmo Valia

  • Rachel Sanderson

  • Baruch Lev


The value of ideas as an economic and strategic key in the global competition.

September 26th, 2018 at 10.00 AM
Pescara, Aurum


A "silent revolution", which started at the end of the 70s and still lasts today, involving not only the economic and financial world, but also research, innovation and daily routine life in advanced economies. At the height of development of the knowledge society, and with the digital transformation which dominates markets and institutions, understanding the ethical, practical and political effects of the “economy of the intangibles” represents a unique opportunity to reflect on the ongoing global changes and the challenges that await us in the very near future.


  • The quiet revolution

    From its early appearance in the American panorama until its most recent effects on the world stage, the economy of intangibles has radically changed world markets, management and the very way to create value from ideas. In his deep and passionate speech, professor Baruch Lev retraces the stages of this “quiet revolution” throughout the last thirty years


  • Rachel Sanderson

    Journalist at Financial Times

    Rachel Sanderson is the Milan correspondent of The Financial Times. She is also in charge of leading FT coverage of luxury goods industry at a global level. She’s expert in economics and finance issues, she was previously a correspondent for Thomas Reuters from Rome, Milan, Paris, Los Angeles and New York.

  • Baruch Lev

    “Philip Bardes” Professor at New York University

    Baruch Lev is director of the Vincent C. Ross Institute of Accounting Studies and Philip Bardes Professor of Finance at the New York University Stern School of Business. He is alos a consultant to the United States Congress and author of numerous awarded scientific publications. Lev is considered one of the leading experts in the field of “intangible assets”: knowledge, skills, human resources, processes and methods that are considered to be actual economic and strategic assets in the global competition.


  • Guglielmo Valia

    Journalist at MF - Dow Jones & Company

    Journalist at the MF - Dow Jones & Company press agency, founded by a joint venture between Milano Finanza and the editor of the Wall Street Journal. Expert in economic and industrial policy, he follows with particular attention the economic issues related to the energy and information sectors.