• Niko Romito

  • Carlo Fontana

  • Maria Teresa Brassiolo

  • Raffaele Squitieri

  • Roger Abravanel

  • Pier Paolo Pandolfi

  • Ginger Lew

Ethics is merit

Simple values build future

Ethical principles and promotion of merit today are primary factors for social development. The 2013 edition aims to offer a cosmopolitan view on cultures and countries which, albeit distant, pursue a common - innovative, courageous and pioneering - approach to economics, science, art, sound administration, communication.


Lectio Magistralis

  • Ethics is economy

    Honesty, respect, integrity, fairness, responsibility: Ginger Lew, CEO of Three Oaks Investments and advisor for the White House National Economic Council, talks about the importance of ethics in business, by listing the five core values of ethical behavior at the individual, politics and business level. At the base, the belief that ethics "counts", not only in terms of trust between the social partners, but also as a growth factor of concrete business growth and development.

Ethic Award

  • Pier Paolo Pandolfi

    For the proven ability to interpret and promote the issue of ethics through innovative ways in biomedical research.


  • Ethics is science

    From the Hippocratic imperative "to nurse" to the Kantian idea of a universal morality. Pier Paolo Pandolfi, professor and director of the Cancer Center of the Harvard Medical School in Boston, explains the close connection between ethics and scientific activities. Through the example of the "war on cancer", he highlights the difficult choices that technological progress demands not only from individual scientists, engaged in a very high-level research, or governments that have to decide how and how much to invest, but also from social community in general.

  • Ethics is culture

    Carlo Fontana, executive director of the Teatro Regio of Parma, former superintendent of La Scala in Milan and senator of the Italian Republic, recognize the artistic field as the privileged ground for the natural emergence of meritocracy and authentic values.

  • Ethics is taste

    The choice of ingredients, customer respect, team spirit, attention to the territory: Niko Romito, Michelin two-stars awarded chef and owner of the Royal restaurant in Castel di Sangro, describes the ethical principles that accompany the preparation and the success of a good dish.

  • Ethics is sound Administration

    Legality means not only compliance with laws but their effective and efficient implementation: starting from the fundamental values that guide the principles of legal operators, Raffaele Squitieri, President of the Italian Corte dei Conti (Court of Auditors), reflects on ethics in the public sphere of justice.

  • Ethics is rules

    President of the Insead Council Italy and international expert in economics and meritocracy, Roger Abravanel debunks the myths related to the national economic crisis, its beginning in recent years, its foreign origin, along with the financial problems of the country and the responsibility of internal public debt in all this.

  • Ethics is transparency

    Co-founder and president of Transparency International Italy from 1996 to 2013, Maria Teresa Brassiolo illustrates some significant data on the fight against corruption in Italy and abroad, starting from the corruption perceptions index.

Video Release

  • CNN ITALY - Ginger Lew

    Economic ethics and corporate responsibility as a means to face the challenge of the economic recession and to return confidence in public sphere officials and in the quality of public goods and services to consumers and citizens. Here's the recipe for a sounder economic and institutional development according to Ginger Lew, former President of NASDAQ.

  • CNBC – Special Oscar Pomilio Forum 2013

    "Ethics and merit", the key values of the Oscar Pomilio Forum 2013 edition, an event promoted by Pomilio Blumm, the integrated communication agency which brought together prominent personalities in the field of finance, law, science and art at the Aurum in Pescara.

  • CNN ITALY - Raffaele Squitieri

    Italy and ethics: a delicate relationship according to Raffaele Squitieri, President of the Italian Corte dei Conti (Court of Auditors), who detects a "decline of ethical tension" in Italy and stresses the need to rediscover and reinforce the founding principles of the Institutions of our country.

  • CNN ITALY - Franco Pomilio

    Interviewed by CNN Italy, the President of Pomilio Blumm reflects on the concept of transparency, in light of the changed perception of the final target that is not anymore identified in the consumer, but in the citizen and its values.


  • CNN ITALY - Tonino Verna

    President of the Consortium for the Protection of the wines of Abruzzo, Tonino Verna confirms the importance of ethical values as the basis of all stages of the winemaking process, from the countryside to the cellar and then, to the commercialization of the product.



  • Niko Romito

    Michelin two-stars awarded chef from Abruzzo

    The patron of the Royal restaurant in Castel di Sangro. He has received over the years many prestigious awards, including one as Best Chef 2012 and he is known for his ability to revisit in a contemporary way the traditional local cuisine. Recently, he launched an innovative training project for young talent of haute cuisine.

  • Carlo Fontana

    Executive director of the Teatro Regio - Parma

    A leading expert of musical culture in the world, he was superintendent of the Teatro alla Scala in Milan from 1990 to 2005, during one of the most glorious seasons of our greatest lyrical institution. Theatre director, he has actively participated in the life of our institutions as a Senator of the fifteenth legislature.

  • Maria Teresa Brassiolo

    Chairman of Transparency International Italy

    Co-founder and President since 1996 of Transparency International Italy, she directed and developed numerous national and international projects to promote the rule of law and eliminate corruption within the public and private sector, including the implementation and monitoring of the OECD Convention and UNCAC, the European Researches on protection of whistleblowers and the National Integrity System.

  • Raffaele Squitieri

    President of the Italian Corte dei Conti (Court of Auditors)

    Eminent jurist, current President of the Italian Corte dei Conti (Court of Auditors), also chairman of the “Control over the authorities Section", he teaches Public, Constitutional, Administrative law and Public Accounting at the School of Public Administration, at the Higher School for Officers of the Police Force and at LUISS. He was honored with the title of Knight Grand Cross of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic.

  • Roger Abravanel

    President of the Insead Council Italy, author of Meritocracy

    Among the most authoritative international experts on merit and former director of McKinsey, he is the author of the "National Plan for the quality and merit" wanted by the Italian Ministry of Education, Universities and Research. He currently chairs for Italy the Insead Council, among the most reputed centers of economic studies in the world. Columnist for the Corriere della Sera, in 2008 he published the bestseller "Meritocracy".

  • Pier Paolo Pandolfi

    Director of Cancer Center, Harvard Medical School

    Internationally renowned geneticist, author of a groundbreaking study on the molecular mechanisms of leukemia, he directs the prestigious Cancer Center of the Harvard Medical School in Boston, which has awarded him the professorship for life. He was recently awarded the "Merit Award" from the National Institute of Health of the United States for outstanding talent and scientific productivity.

  • Ginger Lew

    Former Advisor of the White House Economic Council

    Former chairman of NASDAQ, the New York stock-exchange agency, she has long been the primary representative of the American government for gender mainstreaming policies. Currently, in addition to the position of CEO for Three Oaks Investments LLC, a leading US financial advisory firm, she is a member of the board of the White House National Economic Council, appointed by the US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.