• Marco Carminati

  • Rodolfo De Laurentiis

  • Roberto Pisoni

  • Constanze Reuscher

  • Benedetto Falsini

  • Davide Oldani

  • Kathleen Kennedy Townsend

The age of trust

Ethics and merit to start up again

The 2014 edition of the Oscar Pomilio Forum aims to reflect on the role of ethics and merit as the tools to develop a new model of well-being that includes the fundamental civil and moral values – transparency, participation, respect of human rights – within the parameters for the construction of a renewed “economy of happiness”.



Lectio Magistralis

  • Ethics is trust

    From trust as the connective tissue of social life, to happiness as political – even before individual – ambition, passing by the fight against corruption, the defense of civil rights, the love for ambitious goals: Kathleen Kennedy Townsend retraces the history and the values of her family, looking at the present and the future of contemporary democracies and the challenge of united Europe.

Ethic Award

  • Ethics is science

    Benedetto Falsini, one of the main International experts of retinal degenerative disease, retraces the main stages of his career as a researcher: from his early passion for the study of rare ophthalmic diseases – which led him to the United States since his university years – to the discovery of new antioxidant components, derived from Navelli’s saffron and used for a new experimental treatment  of retinopathies.


  • Ethics is culture

    Spreading culture through television language, in order to enhance the Italian artistic heritage abroad too, and reach the wide audience of non-professionals: Roberto Pisoni, Sky Arte director, talks about the challenges related to the launch of the special-interest channel he runs.

  • Ethics is public service

    Rebuilding the Nation’s strong identity through a responsible, free, quality and open information:  Rodolfo De Laurentiis, Member of the RAI Board of directors, delivers his opinion on Italian radio-television public system.

  • Ethics is taste

    Davide Oldani, Michelin-starred chef, explains the philosophy of “pop cuisine” and his restaurant’s business model: accessibility to people and democratisation of food and production processes, following an ethical approach investigating the balance between ingredients, while respecting the “imperative” of eating to be happy.

  • Ethics is information

    Costanze Reuscher, correspondent in Italy for Die Welt and National Secretary of the Foreign Press Association in Italy. She reflects on the ethic and moral values of modern and past journalism, criticizing some aspects of contemporary information and identifying ethics and trust as the key values to face the future.

Video Release

  • CNBC - Kathleen Kennedy Townsend

    A relationship based on mutual trust between citizens and institutions – a fundamental element for any democracy – can only be created in a transparent, non-corrupt political system, based on virtues such as honesty, courage and respect: this is the opinion by Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, niece of John Fitzgerald and daughter of Robert.


  • Rodolfo De Laurentiis

    Member of RAI Board of Directors

    He is member of the RAI Board of Directors, President of Confindustria Radio Television Association, former member of Federtrasporti Board of Directors, President of Arpa Engineering Spa and Tibus Srl.

  • Roberto Pisoni

    Director of SkyArte HD

    Director of SkyArte HD, a TV channel dedicated to art and the Italian cultural heritage. He’s been working for Sky Italia since its launch, always playing strategic roles, first in production, then in creative direction, contributing to define the channel’s web identity. His work on television has received many awards, such as 4 Gold Promax Awards, 3 Siver Promax Awards, “ Silver Telly Awards and 1 D&AD Award.

  • Constanze Reuscher

    National secretary of the Foreign Press Association in Italy

    Correspondent in Italy of Die Welt, one of the most popular German newspapers. She is reporter for ARTE, the French-German cultural channel. Often invited as a opinion leader on Italian broadcasts she’s National Secretary of the Foreign Press Association in Italy as well.

  • Benedetto Falsini

    Expert in retinal degenerative diseases

    One of the main International expert of retinal degenerative diseases. Responsible for the study of hereditary retina’s degenerative disease, of the laboratory of neurophysiology of vision and of the centre of paediatric neuro-ophthalmology of the general hospital Gemelli of Rome. Associate professor for eye diseases at the ophthalmology and otolaryngology department for the Catholic University of the Sacro Cuore in Rome.

  • Davide Oldani

    Michelin-starred chef, leader of the Pop cuisine

    Internationally renowned entrepreneur of taste. From the kitchen of his restaurant “d’O”, he practises and theorises a “pop” use of culinary arts. He worked with Gualtiero Marchesi, Alain Ducasse, Alberto Roux, Pierre Hermè and held lessons at the European Institute of Design and the Catholic University of Milan. Among the many awards, he received also the Milan Ambrogino d’Oro prize.

  • Kathleen Kennedy Townsend

    Politician and attorney, former vice-governor of Maryland

    Special guest and main speaker of the 2014 edition. First-born of Robert Kennedy and niece of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, politician and attorney, former vice-governor of Maryland, she is member of the board of the John F. Kennedy Library Foundation and of the Council of Foreign Relations and the Inter-American Dialogue association.


  • Marco Carminati

    Il Sole24Ore professional journalist

    Art critic and expert collector, he is in charge of the art pages of the Sole24Ore cultural supplement “Domenica”. He wrote a number of books on Italian Renaissance painters such as  Piero della Francesca, Cesare da Sesto, the maestro miniaturist Maestro BF and on Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa.