Happiness that heals

The therapeutic power of art

Happiness seen as “revolution” and “ongoing project for a sustainable, ethical and inclusive future” materialized in the scenarios outlined during the 2016 Oscar Pomilio Blumm Forum. The annual event, aimed at representing and interpreting change, involved international guests such as Kristina Persson, Swedish Minister for strategic development and Spyros Galinos, mayor of the Greek island Lesvos, nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

The Oscar Pomilio Blumm Forum took place in Pescara last March 8 at the Aurum-Fabbrica delle idee. The event was moderated by journalist Luca De Biase and introduced by Franco Pomilio, CEO of Pomilio Blumm. On stage also the Ambassador of Sweden in Italy Robert Rydberg, Alessandra Mammì, art historian and journalist, and Antonio Boschini, scientific supervisor of the rehab community San Patrignano, where he keeps implementing innovative methods for addiction rehabilitation.

«There’s no such thing as the absolute pursue of happiness – explained Boschini – there is the happiness of the little things, the one arising from suffering and pain. We teach our kids how to regain the ability to be grateful to live an ordinary life, an ability dozed off by drugs or alcohol. Using art as a form of therapy, we’re implementing a rehabilitation path focused on three very simple ethical principles: self-respect, respect for others and for the environment».



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