Ethics and citizenship

Sweden's Minister of the Future at the Oscar Pomilio Forum

On March 8, at the "ideas factory" Aurum in Pescara, the Oscar Pomilio Forum will be back. With a special guest speaker coming not from a possible world, but from the advanced reality of Northern countries: Kristina Persson, Sweden's Minister of the Future.

Ethics, the focus theme of the international reunion organized by Pomilio Blumm, which last year had focused on the past with a debate on the cultural archetypes of coexistence, this year will look at the future, in the sense of a new kind of relationship between citizens and institutions, in the spirit of a new revolution: that of happiness.

In Sweden, the Ministry of the Future comes especially from the awareness of a no longer sustainable social model and the search for alternative forms of citizen-caring.  Kristina Persson will share this change of perspective at the Oscar Pomilio Forum, explaining for the first time to the Italian audience the foundations of this innovative vision. With the hope that, in a not too distant future, the same vision can be effectively adopted and repeated in our country too.


A life lesson with Jabbar

At the Oscar Pomilio Blumm Forum, NBA champion says: «Taking your time is getting your future: be ready to seize your chance»

Meantime: between project and action

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, the champion who reinvented the sport in 3 seconds, at the Oscar Pomilio Blumm Forum


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