The ethics of taste

The brand-new "Amazonian praline" by Paco Méndez

Is it possible to entrust the expression of an identity to the “language” of taste? Are we able to turn an idea into a flavour, a vision of the future into a creation to be tasted? The answer is yes according to Pomilio Blumm which chooses, each year, to entrust a master of contemporary cuisine with the task of creating an exclusive “business chocolate”.

That is how the “Gusto Blumm” (Blumm Taste) creations by the Turin chocolatier Guido Gobino and the starred chef Davide Oldani were born. For 2016, the precious chocolate is a signature dessert recipe realized by the Mexican starred chef Paco Mendez, a pupil of the famous Ferran Adrià and one of the guests at the latest edition of the Oscar Pomilio Forum with a lectio on the relationship between gastronomy, art and literature (watch video).

Among the ingredients, white chocolate with its purity, lime with its freshness and an intense chilli with its pungent energy stand out: a meeting of authentic and millennial flavours, the result of the painstaking work of Mendez, a lover of an ancestral gastronomy that greatly interprets Pomilio’s centuries-old creative tradition.


A life lesson with Jabbar

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Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, the champion who reinvented the sport in 3 seconds, at the Oscar Pomilio Blumm Forum


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